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What's the belief behind 
The Open Cup?

Defying the invisible lids...

We have learned what it means to FILL OUR CUPS and we meet weekly to BE FILLED together but what if there is more.


Author, Tashena Anderson-Place has been spiritually given the next step to evaluating our cup of life...



The concept behind this name is that we often ask for our cups to be filled but while doing so we place invisible lids of doubt, fear, rejection, shame, our past experiences or any type of limitations on the cup. Although others can't see the mess that is happening all around from the overflow, our hearts, minds, and spirits can.  She wants to give the people in attendance inspiration to lead lives with their lids off. 

We can all become an open cup but keeping in mind that the cup will always need to be filled and evaluated. 


She also wants everyone to leave feeling confident about the possibility of saying YES!

Yes to purpose!
Yes to new outcomes!
Yes to confide
Yes to hope!

Clay Mugs and Cups


We need YOU...

The team and I would like to invite you to partner alongside us as we embark on this Open Cup journey..

Your partnership or sponsorship allows us the opportunity to shed light on those invisible lids that could be hindering the path forward.


We thank you in advance for your contribution, support, and prayers.

Here is the link for independent donations or please scan the QR Code:






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