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The Art of Filling Your Cup

Updated: Mar 8

For some, the statement Fill Your Cup instantly makes them think of the question “Is your cup half full or half empty?” but that shouldn’t be the only way we view it. Filling your cup is not a one-stop shop or experience, it is a lifelong journey that comes with hills and valleys. The true question is how you will handle these experiences as they come. Will we grasp onto them and keep them in our cups forever, weighing us down, and carrying the heavy black cup of burden or will we face what is in our cups, to learn from what was placed there, so we can forge a path forward? We lean more toward believing that a cup is just a cup but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your cup is unique and special, formed just for you.

The art of filling your cup to get to purpose begins from a young age. When our parents begin buying the latest toys that pique our interest, be it a computer, a doctor's uniform, a racing car, tools, or an art set, our desires for these cool new things will begin to pour into our cups. Almost instantly, our imaginations run wild with who we will become once we grow up. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a wild imagination but what happens when that imagination meets real-life expectations?

The book Fill Your Cup takes readers on a reflective journey with the author as she realizes that life may not always turn out as she thought but there is hope. Hope that tomorrow can be different, hope that change is good, hope that hard life moments do not define us, and confirmation that we can have a joyous celebration as we stop to pour out what is in our cups to ask for a different flavor.

What type of flavor you may ask? A smooth, crisp flavor full of rejuvenation, joy, and love. A flavor that hits your palette and ignites the flame that has been lying dormant, waiting to be seen. A flavor that has been there from the beginning but was very mild. It was probably so mild that it was most likely missed. A flavor that once you have it, you’ll never turn back from and if you do, it will be waiting for you when you return.

Filling your cup is finding out who you truly are and what purpose you could serve in this life.

Filling your cup is choosing forgiveness over hurt.

Filling your cup is showing grace to those around you.

Filling your cup is saying yes to starting over in faith.

Filling your cup is saying I want more, and I want better than running on empty.

Filling your cup is realizing that you should give the keys of life back to the one who created them.

Filling your cup is a mindset, heart, and soul shift.

Filling your cup is something that should happen daily.

Our goal in life is normally to manifest the American Dream. One filled with all the things that we can see and accumulate. The success, the titles, you name it. The goal shouldn’t be just that. It should be about finding the proper balance between where you’ve come from, who you are now, and who you want to be in the future. Ask yourself, what do you want to be remembered for? A cup full or a cup half empty does not matter if what is in the cup does not serve a higher purpose.

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